Top 12 Reviews on Insect Killers & Mosquito Traps


Hi all! We love the summer, but most times it comes with tons of unwanted guests; you guessed it, insects of all shapes, sizes, and ability to inflict pain! Some of us stay indoors in order to avoid the nuisance while others slather from head to toe in insect repellent in the hope of having a decent time outside. Well, you don’t have to stay holed up inside and neither do you have to apply another layer of skin. What you need to do is get yourself a bug zapper ASAP! Bug zappers come in many varieties for a number of applications, generally divided into two main groups, indoor and outdoor varieties, and within these groups are several different types of zappers to suit your particular need. We can guarantee that once you try a bug zapper, there will be no turning back for you. We have put together a list of the types we like the most and you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Go ahead, try one; you’ll love it.

Best Large Area Bug Zapper
Flowtron Insect Killer for 1/2 to 1-1/2 Acre Coverage


These days, getting rid of mosquitoes is not merely about ridding yourself of a nuisance, it’s about protecting yourself and your family from the dangerous Zika virus which is spreading worldwide at an alarming rate, as well providing protection from other mosquito-borne diseases. Flowtron’s Electronic Insect Killer is more than able to kill all insects within a half-acre radius.

Protective Outer Enclosure

Intended for outdoor use, this is a great unit for persons with large yard spaces as it covers up to a half acre. Insects are attracted to the ultraviolet light and also the octenol attractant. Once they make contact with the grid – KABOOM – they’re dead. I must say it was really satisfying to hear the zap, zap, zap as all kinds of insects meet their end. However, the grid is designed so that animals and birds and humans that come in contact with the unit will not be harmed.


This machine does what it says it will do and then some. The instructions are that it is not to be placed within 25 feet of areas that will be used by humans, and some of us in the quest to be bug free believe that we should ignore these instructions and place it closer than advised. If you ignore the instructions, be prepared to be hit by insects that have been zapped by making contact with the killing grid. Not pleasant, so follow the instructions.

Most Quiet Electronic Insect Killer
PestiTech PTH-8 with Silent UV Backlight Reflector


I like this little bug zapper from PestiTech. It’s very easy to find a spot for it because of how well it is designed, and that’s not always the case. It’s a standard indoor zapper in that it uses light to attract insects and then it zaps them when they make contact with the grid. However, it does have a few tricks that other zappers don’t.

Reflector UV Light

The unique feature here is that this unit has a reflector UV light feature which redirects light to where it may be needed most and it can attract insects up to 100 feet away. The manufacturers claim that this feature allows the machine to increase its UVA output to 40% more when compared to similar machines. It is good to know that with this cool feature, you won’t be using any more electricity to do so.

Quiet Operation

The other great feature that this machine has is its whisper quiet operation. Most people can get quite a kick from the zapping sounds that come from the insects making contact with the electric grill. However, that thrill can sometimes get old and you just want the machine to do its job without you knowing about it. This machine does just that. You never hear a racket as the insects die; and that doesn’t mean the machine is any less effective – it’s just quietly doing its job. This feature makes the unit a good choice near kids and pets, as they will not be bothered by any zapping sounds.

Best Outdoor Device Overall
Flowtron Diplomat Fly Control


This is another winner from one of the best in the business, Flowtron. Flowtron has been around for a few generations now and has become known for putting out quality bug zappers as well as other products. They don’t disappoint with this one, the Diplomat Fly Control Device, but be warned that it comes with a hefty price tag.

All Fliers Zapped!

The name is a bit of a misnomer in that it gives the impression that it is for flies only. Let me tell you, it massacres any insect that dares to go up to it. It takes no prisoners. A very large unit, this one is for outdoors for sure, and it covers up to two acres of space. I think that a unit like this one is well suited for a barnyard setting because of the area that it covers. It’s made to attract night time flying insects and can be used in any area with heavy duty problems, like near a dumpster, for example. It’s an outdoor workhorse, however it will work in smaller settings as well.

Catches the Bugkill

Some of the larger outdoor units do not have a catch tray; they just let the dead bugs fall to the ground. For those who may be concerned with that, this machine has its own catchment tray which is emptied and cleaned in the usual manner. The unit also features a glo-tube glow panel reflector which makes it more attractive to insects so it will kill more of them. It does come in at a higher price than other units, but when you consider the area that it covers and its overall effectiveness, it’s well worth the money.

Most Versatile Indoor Unit
Aspeteck Electronic Bug Zapper for Home & Commercial Use


The Aspeteck 20W bug zapper uses absolutely no chemicals, which makes it a good choice for indoor use and for anyone who is concerned about using potentially harmful chemicals to get rid of annoying insects. This machine is suitable for use indoors and is used anywhere indoors, although my favorite place for it is in the kitchen. This bug zapper is so good that it does just as well in a commercial environment. Although it’s rated for indoor use only, we don’t doubt that it can be used in a covered space outdoors as well.

Sleek Design

Bug zappers can sometimes have a bulky look. Aspectek’s bug trap is very slim, so it does not have a bulky appearance. It’s also made to be hung from a chain, which is supplied with the unit, so you will find that it is easy to locate that perfect spot for the unit. If you prefer, you can find a solid surface to place it on. It has a tray at the bottom to collect the insect bits so you will not have them flying all over the place and making a mess. When necessary you simply remove the tray, clean it, and replace.

Black Light

The unit uses the black light that insects are naturally attracted to, so you can be sure that every insect in the vicinity will come to it. It also covers an area of about 6000 square feet, so that’s a fairly wide area inside. If you have a multilevel home, you may consider getting one of these for each floor.

Best Standing/Hanging Bug Zapper
Livin’ Well Outdoor Mosquito, Fly, Gnat and Stinger Bug Trap


The Livin’ Well Bug Zapper is made to be used outdoors, but its design is such that you will want to use it indoors as well, which is perfectly fine as it zaps quietly and had a collection tray for dead bugs. It’s extremely versatile in that it can be placed on a stand or hung up; either way, it looks great!

A Touch of Elegance

The sleek design of this unit goes great with any decor. Just because a machine is made for killing bugs doesn’t mean it has to look industrial. This bug zapper can be incorporated into any decor. We dare you to find a place where it would not blend in seamlessly and add a touch of pizzazz to the area. It’s so elegant that it is a joy to look at. It is well built and sturdy, so it does not feel like it will come apart any time soon.

Detachable Bottom Hides Unsightly Remains

Despite its great look, the machine does what it’s supposed to do – kill bugs. It operates quietly so you don’t get that loud zapping sound when bugs make contact. It covers a fair area and does attract a lot of bugs. The good thing about it is that in keeping with its look and feel of class it has a generous tray at the base of the unit that hides all unsightly dead insects. Just simply unscrew the bottom, dump, clean, and replace.

Best Waterproof Long Range Zapper
Micro-Tech Home/Commercial Insect Killer


This is a great outdoor unit from Micro-Tech. With its 40-watt bulb and strong zapper, it covers up to one acre of space. Reviewers rave about this unit, saying it does what it says it will do and then some. One person says they have had it plugged in nonstop for the past two years and they have not even had to change the bulb, which makes this one a winner.

Extra Long Cord

Many of these units are great looking and work well but come equipped with a cord so short you are left wondering how the manufacturer would ever expect it to work outdoors. You are forced to get an extension cord, immediately jacking up the initial cost to get the unit working. Micro-Tech gives you a six foot long cord, so it makes it easy for you to get started right away.

Magnetic Transformer

The secret to this zapper running for so long without burning our or costing you the earth in electrical bills seems to be the transformer. They use magnetic transformers which they say run cooler and last for a very long time, up to 25 years if handled properly. So you can look forward to great service from this unit.

Most Powerful Handheld Zapper Review
Warrior Supreme Mosquito Racket


This super-effective handheld zapper will kill any insect on contact – guaranteed. I love to use these racket zappers because it gives me the freedom to deal with that one single bug that won’t fly towards the stationary bug zapper and just won’t go away. With one swat I can be rid of the singular annoyance. However, this works great with any number of insects – just remember that you have to swat at them as it’s unlikely that they will come flying into the zapper.


What I really loved about this one is how sturdy it was. It did not feel flimsy as these zappers sometimes do. It’s made of ABS lactic, which is what gives it that sturdy feel. Most people tend to use these in their backyards, especially during barbecues and the like. One friend of mine told me that when she is having people over, she always has a few of these on hand so that anyone who wants to use one can do so. She also said that she rarely ever gets them back as her friends love them so much, she usually ends up giving it to them as a gift.


This little swatter is very powerful – rated at 4000v – that’s even stronger than many stationary units. You can tell by how quickly the bugs disintegrate on contact. I love this thing!

Best Low Cost Zapper Review
XCHENG No radiation Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap


If you are looking for a small bug trap that operates quietly and catches and kills the bugs inside the machine, this is a unit that you should consider. It works best in enclosed areas with small insects so its great for a bedroom, for example. The manufacturers suggest that you keep the room closed for a few hours prior to using to ensure effectiveness.

Nice and Neat

It’s a compact unit, which makes it very easy to place anywhere in the home. It uses ultra violet light to attract the insects and then sucks them towards the electric grill with a suction fan. All of the dead bugs remain in unit so you will have to take it apart to clean it. However, it’s fairly easy to disassemble the unit to clean the grid. While the manufacturers suggest that this unit not be put directly bedside a bed because of the noise from the fan, reviewers have rated this machine to be very quiet.

Great Price

This unit comes in at a very affordable price, so anyone who needs a bug zapper but might be concerned about the price could get one of these. Just know that it’s not going to cover a large amount of square footage, but is best for single room use.

Best Fly Swatter Overall
PreciShock Portable Electric Pest Control


Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands and this electric bug zapper from PreciShock allows you to do just that. It’s a portable racket design that allows you to go after the bugs that you need to, and not wait on them to be attracted by a unit. Its real power in your hands because when the racket makes contact you see how effective it is – it’s as good as stationary bug zappers in its effect.

Single Layer Design

Many of these hand held bug zappers have a three layer design; this one is unique in that it has a single layer, but don’t think that it’s not effective, because it absolutely is. Its simple design makes it portable so you can take your bug control effort on the road with you, which may seem extreme, but with the extreme problems being caused by mosquitoes these days, you really won’t be out of place taking matters into your own hands.

Child Safe

We all know kids love to touch things and will want to touch this machine. However, you will not have to worry about using this device with the kids around. It features an operating button which will need to be switched on every time it is to be used. It’s very simple for adults to do, but kids will be kept safe with this feature. It’s battery operated, using two AA batteries, but yet it is very efficient. You will not be disappointed with this one.

Most Clever 360 Degree Light Surface
Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Fly and Mosquito Zapper


As you struggle through the summer months with all the flying insects that they bring, you never know how much a bug zapper can help until you get one. Summer brings out every flying insect imaginable and they come in swarms one after the other. Sometimes you are battling more than one variety, but with this machine from Pest Sentry you won’t have to worry about a thing because this baby gets the job done.

Corrosion and Scratch Proof

One of the best things about it is that it is corrosion and scratch proof. It’s made with aluminum, which guarantees long life and durability – great news for people who live in humid temperatures where rust can sometimes be a problem. In fact this unit meets every standard both here and abroad; it even meets the tough German standards.

All Over Lights

I’m fascinated by the unit’s appearance with lights all over – kind of like a club light. 🙂 What it is, though, is that lights are visible on the sides of the unit as well, so it does an even better job of attracting insects than comparable units since there is more light surface. It comes equipped with a bug tray to collect the bug debris, so you will not have it falling all over the floor – just remove and clean when necessary.

Best All Purpose Zapper
Hoont Powerful Electronic Fly, Insect and Mosquito Killer


The machine is rated to be used both indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial settings, and I can tell you that it handles each of these very well. It covers up to 6,000 square feet, which is a fairly large area. I put it on the patio because of the problems I experience out there. It was easy for me to hang – all I needed was one of those removable hooks and I was good to go. So easy. It did a great job of killing those flying insects that tend to come in at dusk, just when I’m settling down on the patio. It’s zapping noise was like music to my ears, and best of all the machine has a tray that the bugs fall into, so when it needs to be cleaned I’ll just pop it out and put it back in again.

Pesticide Free

By using the ultraviolet lights powered by two generous ten watt bulbs, you do not have to be concerned about using any chemical methods to get rid of these pesky insects. I am allergic to a lot of stuff, so this was good news for me. The insects are attracted to the light and then make contact with the electrified grid, and that’s the end of them!

Good Quality

I was also impressed by how sturdy the unit was. On taking it out of the box, it seemed like it would function well because it appeared well-made, and up till this point, it has not disappointed.

Best Rated One Acre Bug Zapper
Flowtron Non Clogging Insect Killer


Flowtron is the name that we know and trust in the bug zapper business. Their products have been tried and tested year after year, and they keep putting out products that are easy to use and awesome in their ability to get the job done. This machine, the one acre unit, is similar to the half-acre unit, but of course covering twice the area.

Great Price

For the kind of job that this machine does and the area that it covers, this price is unbelievable; its more than a steal. It does the usual job of attracting insects to its large grid by its ultraviolet light. A friend of mine has one and when he checked the bug pile below the zapper, he was finding pretty huge bugs in there, but there were tons of smaller insects there as well so it captures a wide spectrum of insect pests.

Glow Effect

This is a bug zapper, no doubt about it, but it emits such a nice light in the backyard that it’s like a nice outdoor light – not bright enough to really light your way but enough of a presence to make it attractive in the space. The unit itself too, with its lantern design, allows it to appear like a garden light rather than the kick ass machine that it is. Loving it on all different levels!

Reviews Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time to look at our favorite zapper reviews. We are sure you were able to find one that would suit your needs or at least give you an idea of what you should be looking for. Zappers are great to own, and it’s one of those items that you will wonder how you ever survived without. Great summer days are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest because it won’t be long before they are gone. Do not spend your time avoiding insects so you don’t get to enjoy the outdoors, or have them pester you inside the house. Get yourself a bug zapper and enjoy!