Bug Zappers or Bug Sprays


There has been a lot of debate about the effectiveness of both bug zappers and bug sprays in the fight to rid ourselves of unwanted insects in our spaces. Arguments can be made about the effectiveness of both methods for getting rid of pesky bugs. Let’s take a closer look at both to see which one would work better for you.

Zapper Convenience

Zappers are considered to be very convenient because in most cases all you really need to do is set them up and they will do the rest. Zappers are also safe to use in settings that involve food. It is not advised that you use bug sprays near food as the chemicals in the spray can get into your food and affect you adversely if you consume them.

One area where sprays may have the upper hand on zappers is with mosquitoes. Zappers are not as effective at destroying mosquitoes as they are at getting the kind of bugs that are attracted to light. In response to this, manufacturers have made modifications to units specifically targeting mosquitoes by using various means to attract them, from synthetic pheromones to carbon dioxide laden mists.

Spray Effectiveness

On the other side of the coin is the use of bug sprays which, when applied to areas of the skin that will be exposed, serves to repel insects. The main concern with this method is that the compound considered to be most effective in bug sprays, DEET, is viewed to be harmful by some.

To be sure, it does have a strong odor and can irritate the user and those nearby, causing sneezing and sometimes more serious effects. It is also reported to cause skin irritations for some users and for that reason many persons opt to stay away from DEET sprays. They may choose to use other types of repellent that are considered more friendly, like ones prepared using eucalyptus and lemon oils.

While this type of spray is just as effective in warding off insects, it lasts for a much shorter time when compared to DEET, so it has to be applied multiple times during the day, which can be inconvenient and also become quite costly over time as more spay is used.

Specific Needs & Personal Choice


Whether you choose to use a bug zapper or a spray will depend on a number of factors. Not everyone is comfortable using sprays and this is why some people may prefer to choose a zapper.

In addition, the concern may be not only about being bitten but clearing a particular infestation in an area – for example, flies in an outdoor setting where you want to eat or indoors where they may be a problem in the kitchen. Bug sprays would be useless in these situations. Therefore, the choice would be based on your particular set of circumstances.

Recommend Using Both

The dangers presented by mosquitoes makes it important for one not to be totally in one camp or the other – the aim has to be prevention at all cost. So if necessary, you may consider using both methods to protect yourselves and your loved ones from mosquito bites.