Types of Bug Zappers & Buying Guide


There are very few people who enjoy being around bugs and for that reason, since time began, humans have tried all kinds of methods to rid themselves of these annoying insects.

These days, we can turn to bug zappers to help to make our environment more pleasant by eliminating or vastly reducing the number of bugs in our space. However, with the several types of bug zappers that are available, it can be difficult to choose one that is right for you. Here are a few tips that can help with your decision making.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Bug zappers are separated into two distinct groups – those made to be used indoors and those made to be used outdoors. There are a few too, that are dual purpose, in that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. For indoors, you have a range of options to deal with pesky insects.

Insect Traps

For those persons who might not like the idea of an insect being zapped to smithereens, there is a trap-like device that will lure the insects with a light, and then they are sucked into a vacuum and remain there until they die of dehydration, at which point you empty the unit.

Electronic Zappers

This is the more traditional type of zapper where the insect is lured by a light and is electrocuted when it makes contact with the electrical grid. Many of these units come equipped with a tray at the bottom to catch the insect debris, which you can then easily dispose.


Electrical Swatter

If you do not have a major insect problem, and only want to get rid of the occasional mosquito or fly, you can invest in a swatter, which is usually shaped like a racket. It uses batteries to power its grid and, like the plug in variety, the insect is electrocuted on contact, you simply have to wave the racket to hit the insect.

This is also something you can consider using as a zapper on the go; if you have to go to the beach or a picnic, it can be useful. However, if there is a heavy insect presence, it may not work in that setting.

Outdoor Use

For outdoors, the units available to you will depend on your needs. If you want to combat insects on your patio, it would be a different consideration than if you wanted to cover your large backyard, so the area to be covered is of importance here.

If you are going for wide coverage, go for a unit that handles at least an half acre, while for a smaller space you can use many of the mid-sized units available.

Bug Zapper/Garden Lamp Combo

If you are going to be placing a bug zapper outdoors, it may as well serve more than one purpose. There are machines on the market that are very good at killing insects, but at the same time look great on your lawn or in the backyard.

Solar Powered Units

Not all units are powered by an electrical outlet. There are many cost-effective units now available that use solar power and they are said to be just as effective as the plug-in versions.

Battery Powered

There are many units that now use batteries for power. These are usually rechargeable batteries so that you will not have to be constantly buying batteries run the unit.