Using Zappers For Mosquito Control


We are in the middle of a war against mosquitoes. As long as they continue to spread dangerous diseases like the Zika virus we will not be able to sit idly by and let them fly around freely. We must do what we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones from being infected by these pests.

A bug zapper is a great item to have; we can’t overemphasize how convenient these little devices are. Most of the time all you will have to do is just set them down and then sit and watch them rid your space of annoying and unwanted bugs. They are effective against a range of flying insects and will undoubtedly make your experience indoors or outside of the home more pleasant. However, there is one pest that the bug zapper has not totally conquered and that is the mosquito.

Manufacturers have had to make several upgrades to zappers to better tackle the mosquito problem. These upgraded versions of bug zappers are able to attract mosquitoes to them so that they can be removed from your space.

Even though there has been vast improvement with zapper technology, no manufacturer can say that their zapper is guaranteed to remove all mosquitoes from your surroundings, and given the serious health risks mosquitoes present, especially now with the ZIKA virus, it is believed that our valued bug zapper community should take all steps to protect against mosquitoes.

So in conjunction with using any of the very effective and versatile models of bug zappers out there, you may consider using another method to keep mosquitoes away, because you just can never be too sure.

Mosquito Candles


A mosquito candle is a very pleasant way to ward off these pests. They are usually infused with citronella oil and geraniol oil, which are derived from the lemongrass plant and the geranium. The smoke confuses the mosquitoes and keeps them away from persons in the area where the candle is being burned. These candles work best in enclosed areas.

Mosquito Repellent

There are several varieties of this on the market. The most effective repellent sprays are made with the chemical DEET, which will last for several hours. However, there can be some health concerns with this and it is advisable not to use it on children under three years old. There are repellent sprays that use other compounds like lemon and eucalyptus oils, which are also effective but will wear off after a couple of hours.

Mosquito Lanterns or Lamps

Designed for outdoor use, these devices use a battery operated fan to disperse a compound, usually linalool, which, like the candle, confuses mosquitoes and keeps them away from you.

Citronella Torches

These are devices that burn citronella torch fuel or oil to keep mosquitoes at bay. Citronella has long been known for its natural ability to repel pesky mosquitoes.

Mosquito Mesh or Netting

The mosquito net has been around for generations, and there is nothing that says that with all the new methods out there, we cannot look at older methods for protection. It continues to be a good way to protect against mosquitoes, especially at bedtime. These days, the concept has been extended to mesh solutions for patios, gazebos, and other outdoor applications. It is a sure way of keeping mosquitoes away from you because you are protected by a barrier.

These are just some of the ways in which you can protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes, and when used in conjunction with a good bug zapper, you are sure to be free of every type of insect pest that would try to come your way.